HKK Membership FAQ

Who are all Members of HKK?

Hoysala Kannada Koota (HKK) devised two categories of membership to promote the long-term association of the families with the organization.

  • Annual Members
  • Life Members

Who are all “Annual Members”?

Annual Members - Registration and payment of dues are valid only for the current operating year. Usually starts from current year’s Deepavali event day till day before the next year’s Deepavali event day. Membership in subsequent operating years will need explicit registration and payment of applicable dues. Membership for the current term is $40

Who are all “Life Members”?

Life Members – Families can opt for a one-time registration and lump sum pre-payment of dues to obtain lifelong membership. In all subsequent years of operation of the association, life members are not obligated to register or pay annual membership dues. Lifetime membership fees was $300 till this year and it is going to be $400 in the subsequent years.

Why do I need to buy membership?

HKK members enjoy several benefits including the below but not limited to these

  • Enjoy free admission to HKK’s annual member appreciation picnic
  • Discounted fee for HKK hosted events
  • Opportunity to apply for HKK student scholarship

How many events usually HKK hosts per year?

For the operating year, HKK hosts four main events.

  • Deepavali - Event to celebrate Deepavali & Kannada Rajyotsava
  • Hemantha Gaana – Event to showcase the singing talent of all Kananda loving people
  • Ugadi – Event to celebrate the arrival of new year
  • Picinic – This is the member appreciation event and hosted as outdoor event.

Apart from the four main events, HKK hosts occasional cultural (for e.g. hosting external artist) and informational (e.g. health seminar, college seminar etc.) events. All these events are ticketed events and HKK’s Executive Committee sets the nominal ticket price to cover the event cost.

What is “Early Bird Offer”?

From our experience of hosting personal events, we all know that hosting an event for the entire community requires meticulous planning execution. Event can be planned better if we all know how many people are going to attend well in advance. In order to get the guest count, HKK usually promotes early bird pricing for the guests who registered atleast 2-3 weeks in advance. This is win-win deal for both HKK EC and HKK members. Members will get the tickets at reduced price at the same time EC can plan the events better. EC decides the discount % but usually it ranges between 15%-25% of the regular ticket price.

What is “Hoysala Prime Pass”?

Prime Pass is the HKK pass that allows the guests to purchase the tickets for all the four main events at much discounted rate. This is designed for the convenience of our community members as sometimes they forget to keep track the early bird end date for all the events. Following benefits included in the Prime Pass for the current operating year

  • HKK Annual Membership (Worth $40)
  • Tickets for Deepavali
  • Tickets for Hemantha Gaana
  • Tickets for Ugadi
  • Tickets for Annual picnic
  • Free tickets for the parents visiting form India

Think of this as Early bird offer on top of early bird offers for all the four main events mentioned earlier in the events section of the FAQ.

I want to buy Hoysala Prime Pass. What are my options?

HKK offers prime pass based on the membership level and family member count.

Life Members have the below options

  • Hoysala Prime(Life Member-2+2) – For Life members. Best for family of 2 adults and 2 kids
  • Hoysala Prime(Life Member-2+1) -- For Life members. Best for family of 2 adults and 1 kid
  • Hoysala Prime(Life Member-2) -- For Life members. Best for family of 2 adults.

If you are non-member

  • Hoysala Prime(Family 2 + 2) – For family of 2 adults and 2 kids
  • Hoysala Prime(Family-2+1) -- For family of 2 adults and 1 kid
  • Hoysala Prime(Family-2) -- For family of 2 adults
Please note that tickets not required for the kids with age 5 and below.

I want to buy tickets for Deepavali event. What are my options?

  • Buy Hoysala Prime Pass (Various options based on the membership level)
  • Buy tickets at Non-member price (Early bird & Regular)
  • Buy tickets at member price and also buy the annual membership