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hemanthagaana 2024


program rules

We request you all come at the start of the event and support all participants.
In no show cases/any delayed arrival/any delays, the cultural team will take the final decision and please cooperate.

Program guidelines:
● To enrich the Kannada culture, we encourage all participants to sing Kannada songs.
● Event is divided into following Categories -
    Kids(Solo/Group),Instruments, Adult(Solo/Group)
● Duration for each category and available slots
            ❖ Kids(Solo) - 3 minutes (25 slots)
            ❖ Instruments - 5 minutes (5 slots) including time to tune & setup
            ❖ Adults(Solo) - 4 minutes (25 slots)
            ❖ Adults/Kids (Group) - 4 minutes (5 Slots) minimum 3 participants.
● Participate only once in any category
The slots are ran as per the sequence

TWO slots per family.
           ❖ Two slots can be used by kids in the same family
           ❖ Two slots can be used by one adult and one kid, but not 2 adults from the same family
           ❖ 2 adults/couples in a family are encouraged to sing duet together by using one adult slot allotted per family
           ❖ On the event day, If there is a NO SHOW/LATE/SELF SKIP to the assigned slot, the same will be assigned to

                standby participants. Ability to participate at a later time will be subject to availability and not guaranteed.
           ❖ Participants are requested to report to the backstage 10 mins prior to your singing slot voluntarily.

Audio Details:
● Tracks can be either MP3 (audio) or MP4 (audio video, where lyrics can be seen on TV).
● Tracks must be properly labelled with Participant Name. Tracks without proper file names will not be accepted.
Last date to send the track - January 6th, 2024 (Saturday) and please send the tracks to
● No Tracks/updates will be accepted on the day of the event in any format (Cellphone/Google Drive/Flash drive/online).

Standby slots:  These slots are available to book only after all regular slots are booked.
Please watch out for additional communication and availability details.
● These slots are not guaranteed and will be notified to Standby participants on the event day by the Cultural Team.
● Standby participants are given a chance only when regular slots free up on the event day for a

    no show/cancellation/drop outs/late arrival or if the program ends at an earlier time.
● The Standby participants are given an opportunity based on first come first serve entry and priority would be given to   
    families that have not performed.

For more details or any questions, please reach out to

Event Sponsors

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